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Termeh Persian Tablecloth 3 Pieces Set – Shah Pasand

Immerse yourself in the luxurious touch of Persian tradition with Craftestan’s premium set of Termeh (Persian: ترمه) tablecloths. This meticulously crafted set is a symbol of the artistic collaboration between the gifted artisans of two of Iran’s historical cities, Yazd and Isfahan.

Born in the heart of Yazd, a city steeped in ancient Persian architecture and tradition, our Termeh set carries the artistic legacy of this UNESCO-listed city. Yazd, renowned for its splendid wind catchers and ornate mosques, also bears the honour of being the origin of the prized Termeh textile, an embodiment of Persian creativity and elegance.

The Sermeh Dozi (Persian: سرمه دوزی), the Persian hand embroidery that lends the Termeh its intricate elegance, is a gift from the city of Isfahan. Often hailed as ‘half of the world’, Isfahan is a treasure trove of Persian artistry and culture, its contributions enriching the realm of Persian textiles.

Our Termeh set, crafted from the finest viscose silk, includes a luxurious runner measuring 90 cm x 43 cm (approximately 35.43 inches x 16.93 inches), accompanied by two charming small tablecloths, each sized at 44 cm x 29 cm (approximately 17.32 inches x 11.42 inches).

Each piece of the set flaunts the timeless technique of Sermeh Dozi. The term ‘Sermeh‘ alludes to the elaborate gold sewing, while ‘Dozi‘ signifies the embroidery, traditionally done by women, crafting narratives into the fabric of history. The painstaking precision of this technique adds to the singular charm of our Termeh set.

Adding to the allure is the Hashemi (Persian: هاشمی) design, a historical pattern known for its captivating beauty. This design, woven with five different silk threads, brings a vibrant tableau of rich hues and textures. The set weighs around 600 grams (1.32 lbs), embodying a lightweight luxury that adds elegance to your decor.

Every piece is further embellished with imitation pearls imported from the Czech Republic, providing a final touch of exquisite opulence. The Sermeh used in the embroidery, sourced from India, ensures international standard and authenticity.

At Craftestan, our offerings are more than just products. When you purchase our Termeh set, you are investing in a piece of Persian heritage. You are supporting the sustainable, fair-trade model that Craftestan operates under, directly contributing to improving the lives of our gifted artisans.

Enrich your home with the luxury and history of Craftestan’s Termeh tablecloth set, a seamless blend of Persian artistry and culture, weaving tales of the past into the fabric of your present.

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