Térméh Tablecloth- Bakhtiari

Térméh ( Persian: ترمه ) is the oldest hand-woven cloth of Iran that for centuries has been characteristic of textile manufacturing in Yazd province. Térméh is predominantly produced in Yazd. Warf of Térméh is made from natural silk and its woof is made of colourful fuzz, silk, wool, and yarn. Because formerly it was woven by fingers it was also known as angosht-baft ( Persian: انگشت بافت ) or finger-woven. A wide variety of designs and patterns which are commonly used for Térméh are teardrop, Persian paisley ( Persian: بته جقه ), leaf, two-eyes, blossom. Literally, Térméh means a bent cedar tree in Persian. This has been interpreted by some as a sign of extreme humility for the divine creation of life.

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