❝ You ask for my story: this passion is my destiny.

Drink erased my sorrow: this wine is good, so good for me. ❞ †  


We, at Craftestan, are moved by the richness of Persian culture, its folk traditions, and centuries-old handicrafts. We can’t help to share this love with the world. Making colourful, authentic, quality pieces for your home is our way.

Working in partnership with artisan communities throughout the country, our mission is to elevate Persian crafts and to provide lasting impact on the lives of artisans.

One community at a time.


We create luxurious products that will last decades, even generations to come. Our obsessive attention to collecting raw materials, developing the design and ultimately hand over them to well-experienced artisan make our product stand out.

We go deep in our study of traditional techniques, folk art, motifs, and inspirations in order to uncover their inner meanings and create new designs that are both contemporary,  yet truly authentic at the same time.

Craftestan’s handmade pieces are ”one of a kind”, carry the unique touch of the individual maker whose love and pride can be seen in every inch. Made with love, each item has its own unique story.

No pieces are like another.

At Craftestan, we put the good interest of those we work with at the core of everything we do. We want our artisan partners to feel empowered and inspired to grow in their craft.

Craftestan is a social impact business with a commitment to sustainable development in the crafts sector. We promise fair wages, gender equality payment and invest in the growth of our artisan partners, by providing knowledge and tools in the areas of skill development, design intervention, productivity enhancement, technical innovation, and market awareness.

Our model for impact is based on a long-term vision that hopes to set a new tone for how crafts are produced in the country.

Empowering Persian Craftswomen

Our debut collection is made in partnership with a non-profit collective of over 100 Persian needle-workers living in a provinces called Khorasan, Balochistan and Azerbaijan in Iran, where financial difficulties are soaring, people struggle to meet their basic needs.

Around here, needle-work is the main source of income for women who are often breadwinners in their families, or who are looking for a way to be independent in a traditionally male-dominant society.

Girls are taught to embroider from a young age by older women in the community. Working in groups, embroidery is an important way for women to bond and connect with each other. On any given day, you will find the ladies sitting together, laughing and conversing while they craft beautiful works of art which ultimately will reach your home.

A piece of craft from Craftestan silently whispers lots of untold stories …




†  Rumi 2016, Love Is My Savior : Poems of Rumi, Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, MI

†  Rumi 2016, Love Is My Savior: Poems of Rumi, Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, MI