Craftestan Ltd’s Modern Slavery Transparency Statement


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Last updated Feb 2023

1. Introduction

At Craftestan Ltd, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical, transparent, and responsible manner. We believe that a strong moral compass is the foundation of a successful and sustainable business. As part of our commitment to ethical practices, we have prepared this Modern Slavery Transparency Statement to provide our stakeholders with a clear understanding of our stance on modern slavery and human trafficking, and the steps we have taken to prevent these exploitative practices within our supply chain.

2. Our Business and Supply Chain

Craftestan Ltd is a company specialising in Persian handcrafted home décor and fashion accessories. We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique, high-quality products that enrich the lives of our customers while maintaining our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. Our supply chain consists of various suppliers, partners, and subcontractors, including artisans, manufacturers, and distributors, who work together to bring our products to life.

3. Our Policies and Commitments

In our effort to combat modern slavery and human trafficking, we have implemented a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, which include:

  1. Ethical Sourcing Policy: We are dedicated to sourcing our materials and products from suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We expect our suppliers to adhere to all applicable labor laws, environmental regulations, and international human rights standards, including the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) core labor standards.
  2. Supplier Code of Conduct: We require all our suppliers to sign and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct, which outlines our expectations regarding labor practices, working conditions, environmental protection, and business ethics. This Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking.
  3. Due Diligence and Risk Assessment: We conduct regular risk assessments and due diligence on our suppliers, partners, and subcontractors to ensure compliance with our policies and applicable laws. We also work closely with our suppliers to address any concerns or issues that arise during the course of our partnership.
  4. Training and Capacity Building: We provide training and resources to our employees and management on our ethical sourcing policies, modern slavery risks, and best practices to identify, prevent, and mitigate potential risks within our supply chain.
  5. Reporting and Accountability: We have established a reporting mechanism for our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to report any concerns or suspected violations of our policies or applicable laws. We are committed to investigating all reports and taking appropriate action, including termination of contracts and reporting to relevant authorities, if necessary.

4. Our Achievements and Ongoing Efforts

At Craftestan Ltd, we recognise that the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking is an ongoing process. We are proud of our achievements thus far, including our ethical sourcing practices, our Supplier Code of Conduct, and our comprehensive risk assessment and due diligence processes.

We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to strengthen our policies and practices to better identify, prevent, and mitigate potential risks within our supply chain. As part of our ongoing efforts, we will regularly review and update our policies, engage with industry stakeholders and experts, and actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to share best practices and drive positive change in the industry.

5. Conclusion

Craftestan Ltd is dedicated to operating with integrity, transparency, and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. We are proud of our efforts to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain and will continue to work diligently to promote responsible and sustainable business practices.

This Modern Slavery Transparency Statement has been approved by Craftestan Ltd’s Board of Directors and will be reviewed and updated annually.