Térméh Tablecloth – Paisley Garden

Introducing our quality Persian Termeh tablecloth, a wonderful representation of traditional textile art straight from the city of Yazd, Iran. Known for its historic architectural marvels and its integral role in the ancient Silk Road, Yazd has long been a hub for creating Termeh (Persian: ترمه), embedding the fabric with a rich cultural history.

This Termeh, made of durable viscous silk, mirrors the robustness and beauty of Iranian textile manufacturing. Measuring 100cm x 100cm, or roughly 39.37 inches by 39.37 inches, this square tablecloth is an ideal accent for your square tables.

The design of the tablecloth features the iconic Persian paisley, or “boteh jegheh” (Persian: بته جقه). The paisley motif is a prominent symbol in Iranian art and culture, symbolising life and eternity. In Persian literature, it is revered as the “bent cedar,” signifying strength and resilience. This Termeh’s enchanting ruby red colour, along with other shades created by the use of five different silk threads, pays tribute to this significant design, bringing vibrancy to your decor.

Adhering to the classic Hashemi (Persian: هاشمی) design, this Termeh is more than just a tablecloth. It’s a piece of Persian culture and tradition, all in a convenient, lightweight package of 750 grams, or around 1.65 pounds. Despite its intricate design and quality material, it remains user-friendly and practical for everyday use.

This quality Persian Termeh tablecloth is a blend of cultural narrative and practicality. It’s an appealing choice for those who appreciate authentic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing items in their living space. It’s not just a tablecloth; it’s a piece of Persian tradition brought to your home.

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