Térméh Tablecloth 4 Piece Set – Forty Pillars

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Persian craftsmanship with this exquisite Termeh tablecloth set. Our offering is a confluence of heritage, skill, and quality that takes form in the ancient city of Yazd, Iran. Yazd, with its rich history and vibrant culture, has been home to the production of the finest quality Termeh (Persian: ترمه) for centuries, making it an emblem of the city’s artistic prowess.

This set is a premium range of Termeh, the zenith of quality, reflecting the artisans’ attention to detail. Each piece in the set is skillfully handcrafted from viscous silk, a material that brings out the rich, crimson tones dominating the design. Five distinct silk threads interweave to create a captivating texture and depth to the tablecloth set.

The set comprises four pieces, carefully curated to adorn your dining space with a touch of Persian elegance. A dining table runner measuring 50cm x 140cm (or about 19.6 inches x 55.1 inches), ideal for dinner tables seating four. A small table runner, with dimensions of 40cm x 95cm (15.7 inches x 37.4 inches), a versatile piece for smaller tables or console displays. Finally, we have a pair of placemats, each measuring 25cm x 45cm (9.8 inches x 17.7 inches), perfect for individual place settings or accentuating smaller surfaces.

Every stitch on this tablecloth narrates a story of traditional Persian embroidery, known as Sermeh Dozi (Persian: سرمه دوزی), an art form cherished and preserved through generations. The design is a historical masterpiece called ‘Hashemi’ (Persian: هاشمی), a symphony of hues with a dominant play of crimson red, and gold, that has been a timeless classic in Persian tapestry.

This luxury tablecloth set, weighing approximately 1100g (or about 2.42 lbs), is not just a purchase but an investment, an heirloom. Its uniqueness lies in the imitation pearls embedded in the design, originally sourced from the Czech Republic, adding a subtle shine and sophistication.

As a customer of discerning taste, seeking authenticity, uniqueness, and enduring quality, this Termeh tablecloth set promises to be a conversation starter, a statement of luxury, and a testament to an ancient tradition. This isn’t just a tablecloth set, it’s a piece of Persian history brought to life in your home.

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