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Termeh Persian Tablecloth – Malileh

Unfurl the splendour of Persian culture right in your home with Craftestan’s exclusive and authentic Persian tablecloth, Termeh (Persian: ترمه). Meticulously crafted by expert artisans hailing from the historical city of Yazd in Iran, our Termeh tablecloth embodies the richness and elegance of Persian history and tradition.

Yazd, a UNESCO-listed city, is a repository of Persian architecture and a hub of time-honored Persian artistry. Known for its wind catchers and magnificent mosques woven into a tapestry of brick-laid lanes, it’s also famed as the birthplace of Termeh. For centuries, Yazd has been synonymous with the creation of this exquisite textile, which carries the legacy and spirit of Persian creativity, craftsmanship, and elegance.

At Craftestan, we present you with the finest quality Termeh, crafted from the plush touch of viscose silk, with a generous size of 100 cm x 100 cm, which is approximately 39.37 inches x 39.37 inches. The artistry shines forth in its nuanced details, with the time-honored technique of Sermeh Dozi (Persian: سرمه دوزی) bringing the tablecloth to life.

Sermeh Dozi, or Persian hand embroidery, is an integral part of Iran’s rich textile history. The term ‘Sermeh‘ signifies the intricate, delicate gold sewing which is a hallmark of this art form. The ‘Dozi‘ refers to embroidery, a task usually done by women in traditional households. It is an art form that is both a labour of love and an embodiment of skilful precision, weaving stories in the fabric of time.

Our tablecloth boasts a distinctive Hashemi (Persian: هاشمی) design, a historical pattern adored for its unique charm and elegance, making it an artefact that transcends the realm of mere decor. The Hashemi design is expertly rendered with five different silk threads, making it a vivid tableau of rich hues.

The tablecloth weighs around 1300 grams (2.87 lbs), ensuring it remains gracefully draped over your table, adding a touch of regal sophistication to your living space. Additionally, the tablecloth is adorned with imitation pearls imported from the Czech Republic, adding a final touch of subtle opulence to the product.

The Sermeh in this product, a vital ingredient in the art of Sermeh Dozi, is sourced from India, ensuring the authenticity and international standard of the tablecloth.

At Craftestan, we don’t merely sell products; we curate cultural artifacts. Our Termeh tablecloth is a testament to the heritage of Persian textile artistry, handcrafted by local artists who are part of a fair-trade business model. When you purchase our tablecloth, you not only become the proud owner of an exquisite piece of art but also contribute to the upliftment of these artisan communities.

Elevate your home decor with Craftestan’s luxurious Termeh tablecloth, an epitome of authentic Persian artisanship, and let the tales of Persian history unfurl in the heart of your abode.

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