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Térméh Tablecloth 5 Piece Set – Malileh

Discover the exquisite beauty of Persian craftsmanship with Craftestan’s 5-piece Termeh (Persian: ترمه) tablecloth set, a symphony of authenticity, uniqueness, and unrivalled quality. This exclusive set is a blend of high-quality viscose silk and artisanal skill, a tribute to Persian cultural heritage passed down through generations.

In the heart of Iran, the ancient city of Yazd, known for its rich history and architecture, has fostered the art of Termeh weaving for centuries. This art form has become an integral part of Yazd’s cultural fabric, turning it into the production hub for the finest Termeh in the country.

Each piece in this set, from the square tablecloth (39.4in x 39.4in) to the dinner table runner (19.7in x 66.9in), the smaller runner (15.7in x 35.4in), and the pair of placemats (11.8in x 17.7in), is designed for those who value authenticity, and seek high quality and durability in their quest for luxury. The combination of crimson red and gold brings out an elegant colour palette, enhancing the visual appeal of your table setting.

The handcrafted nature of these items highlights the beauty of Sermeh Dozi (Persian: سرمه دوزی), a traditional Persian embroidery technique. Skilled artisans from Isfahan have meticulously embroidered each piece, using 8 different silk threads, primarily crimson and gold. This intricate work is a true testament to the exceptional skill and patience of these craftsmen.

Historically, the ‘Hashemi’ (Persian: هاشمی) design, which dominates these tablecloths, is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. The design is further embellished with imitation pearls from the Czech Republic and Sermeh from India, adding an extra layer of luxury.

The whole set weighs around 2500 grams (approx. 5.5 lbs), demonstrating its robustness and superior quality. Each piece is not just a tablecloth, but a story of tradition, love, and extraordinary craftsmanship, aimed at those who appreciate beauty and excellence in their everyday life. Let your home narrate this rich Persian tale with Craftestan’s luxurious 5-piece Termeh tablecloth set.

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