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Térméh Tablecloth 5 Piece Set – Hashemi

Immerse yourself in the luxurious tradition of Persian textiles with our exquisite Termeh tablecloth 5-piece set, originating from the renowned city of Yazd, Iran. A city famed for its historic architecture and rich culture of textile craftsmanship, Yazd has been producing the high-quality Termeh (Persian: ترمه) fabric since the Safavid era. This connection between the city and its textile artistry lends an authentic heritage to each piece of our set.

The tablecloth set includes five beautifully coordinated pieces: a square tablecloth measuring 100cm x 100cm (or approximately 39.37″ x 39.37″), perfect for square tables. A dining table runner measuring 50cm x 140cm (roughly 19.69″ x 55.12″) ideally sized for dinner tables accommodating four people. A smaller table runner of 40cm x 95cm (approximately 15.75″ x 37.40″), and a pair of placemats, each measuring 25cm x 45cm (roughly 9.84″ x 17.72″), perfect for individual place settings or small tables. These dimensions provide versatility for any dining setting, ensuring a perfect fit.

Our Termeh set is created from the finest quality viscose silk, carefully woven together using five different silk threads. The dominant colour is a vibrant crimson red, complementing the intricate Hashemi ( Persian: ترمه) design that adorns each piece. The Hashemi design, historically unique and recognised for its elegance, pairs perfectly with the red and gold colour scheme, invoking the rich history and luxury of Persian design.

Each item in the set is a testament to skillful hand craftsmanship, meticulously embroidered to create a textured, richly detailed finish. The set’s total weight is 1400g, or approximately 3.09 lbs, indicating the substantial quality of the fabric and the careful attention to detail in its construction.

This set is not merely a collection of table linens, but a work of art, a tangible connection to the Persian heritage of textile craftsmanship. For those who appreciate authenticity, the unique charm of handcrafted items, and the exceptional quality and durability, this Termeh tablecloth set is a purchase of value and timeless style. Invest in the luxury of Persian textile tradition, and let your dining table tell a story of cultural richness and refined taste.

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