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Termeh Persian Tablecloth Runner – Shah Parand

Embrace a world of timeless elegance with Craftestan’s majestic Termeh runner. A result of artistic collaboration between the skilled artisans from the historic cities of Yazd and Isfahan in Iran, this runner is a testament to Persian craft and design.

Yazd, the city of wind catchers and adobe architecture, stands as a testament to the perseverance of culture. As the birthplace of Termeh (Persian: ترمه), Yazd’s heritage is intricately woven into the fabric of this stunning runner, just as it is woven into the city’s awe-inspiring skyline.

Isfahan, also known as ‘half of the world’, is renowned for its vibrant arts scene and historical significance. The heart of Sermeh Dozi – Persian hand embroidery – beats in Isfahan, and it’s these skilled Isfahani artisans who breathe life into the meticulous patterns that adorn this Termeh runner.

Crafted from the highest quality viscose silk, our Termeh runner boasts a significant size of 193 cm x 47 cm (approximately 75.98 inches x 18.5 inches), making it an ideal centerpiece for a dinner table set for six.

Handcrafted and hand-embroidered using the Sermeh Dozi (Persian: سرمه دوزی) technique, each stitch and thread weave stories of Persian heritage and craftsmanship. The use of five different silk threads creates a rich tapestry of colors, with the dominating crimson lending a regal touch to the design.

The runner features the unique Hashemi (Persian: هاشمی) design, a pattern celebrated for its historical significance and exquisite charm, and weighs around 750 grams (approximately 1.65 lbs). To add to its luxurious feel, it’s embellished with imitation pearls imported from the Czech Republic, and the Sermeh used in the embroidery originates from India, thereby guaranteeing its authenticity and international quality.

At Craftestan, we pride ourselves in promoting the tradition, culture, and craftsmanship of Persian artisans through our fair-trade business model. With each purchase, you not only acquire an authentic piece of Persian heritage but also contribute to the well-being of our skilled artisans.

Enhance your dining experience with Craftestan’s Termeh runner, a true embodiment of Persian luxury and grandeur. Let it grace your table, setting the stage for unforgettable gatherings steeped in the richness of Persian culture.

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