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A Pair of Persian Turquoise Vase – 14 cm

In the vibrant, artist-filled alleys of Isfahan, exists a magical craft that condenses grandeur into its most delightful, pocket-sized form. Introducing the Persian turquoise vase, a dainty treasure that captures the essence of Persian magnificence in a delicate, compact form.

Immerse yourself in the traditions of Firouzeh Kobi (Persian: فیروزه کوبی), as this vase captures the spirit of the Persian heartland. The brilliant hues of the Persian turquoise, handpicked from the revered mines of Nishapour, tell tales of old – stories of poets, scholars, and luminous night skies. In every petite form of the vase, the vividness of Persian culture, with its deep religious and literary roots, gleams forth.

Don’t be fooled by vase’s size, for it may be petite, standing at an adorable height of 5.5 inches, but it radiates charm in its entirety. The belly, gently curving to a width of 2.7 inches, gracefully narrows to a base that’s 1.9 inches wide. Each piece, weighing a mere 0.33 pounds, is the epitome of ‘small yet mighty’.

Craftestan’s offerings go beyond mere handicrafts. Each piece embodies a symphony of stories, dreams, and aspirations from the heart of Persia. Our pair of Persian decorative turquoise vase, while being the smallest, is a mighty ambassador of our dedication to preserving and presenting Persian artistry’s myriad forms.

While these mini marvels do not come enclosed in a gift box, their sheer brilliance stands unboxed, ready to sprinkle magic into any space they grace.

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