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A Pair of Persian Turquoise Vase – 16 cm

The city of Isfahan, where rivers of creativity and tradition converge, unveils another masterpiece for the discerning eye. We present to you our Persian turquoise vase. This rendition, although more compact, loses none of its majestic charm, echoing tales from the heartlands of Iran in each curve and crevice.

Venture into the world of Firouzeh Kobi (Persian: فیروزه کوبی) or the art of Persian turquoise art, a Persian craft interwoven with tales of valour, love, and divinity. The vibrant blue-green stones that adorn this piece are a tribute to the fabled turquoise mines of Nishapour. Renowned not just for their ethereal colour, but as symbols of protection and holiness in Persian lore, these stones are Persian culture crystallised.

This pair of decorative vase, smaller yet equally impactful, stands confidently at a height of 6.3 inches. The curvature of its belly, stretching to 3.5 inches, descends to a base of 2.7 inches, creating a silhouette that’s both quaint and regal. Each of these lightweight beauties weighs just 0.55 pounds, epitomising elegance in every ounce.

Every piece from Craftestan is not merely a product, but a pledge – a commitment to preserving the soul of Persian artistry, craftsmanship, and narratives. Released into the world of art aficionados, these vases, with their unique size and charm, reinforce our mission to bring diverse dimensions of Persian art to homes globally.

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