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A Pair of Persian Turquoise Vase – 20 cm

Amidst the bustling bazaars of Isfahan, where tales of ancient Persia echo in every alley, artisans breathe life into copper, sculpting it into a silhouette reminiscent of history itself. Introducing the Persian decorative turquoise vase; characterised by its delicately narrow neck compared to its counterparts, this piece is a confluence of art, faith, and tales untold.

Dive into the essence of Firouzeh Kobi (Persian: فیروزه کوبی) or the art of Persian turquoise technique, a craft that captures the soul of Persian artistry. The resplendent blue-green, almost ethereal hues of the Persian turquoise, finds its origin in the city of Nishapour. A city known for producing turquoise stones of unparalleled depth, purity, and quality. This turquoise isn’t merely a stone but a piece of Iran’s cultural, religious, and literary heart. When seamlessly adorned on the golden-red canvas of the copper vase, it whispers stories from Persian legends and symbolises protection, purity, and celestial wonder.

Standing gracefully at 9.8 inches, the vase’s widest part, the belly, spans 4.3 inches, with its sturdy base measuring 3.5 inches. Each vase, weighing a subtle 0.8 pounds, is a testament to perfect craftsmanship and balance. These vases, presented as a harmonious pair, echo Craftestan’s enduring commitment to authenticity, individuality, and preserving the rich tapestry of Persian traditions.

At Craftestan, we’re more than just curators of fine art. We are storytellers, weavers of dreams, and believers in the magic that handcrafted pieces bring into a home. When you acquire this pair of decorative vase, you’re not just owning a decorative piece, but you’re becoming a part of a story that dates back centuries. A story that resonates with passion, dedication, and an undying love for Persian artistry.

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