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A Pair of Persian Turquoise Vase – 25 cm – Hyacinth (Lattice)

Gaze upon the enchanting interplay of the gold-red hues of copper with the tranquil blue-green of Persian turquoise from Nishapour. Born in the artful hands of Isfahani artisans, this pair of tulip vases, or “Sonboldan” (Persian: سنبلدان) as fondly known in Farsi, is more than just a decorative piece—it’s a story.

Every glance at these vases reveals an odyssey—of the pristine turquoise stones journeying from the historic city of Nishapour, merging seamlessly with the resilient yet graceful copper of Isfahan. Measuring an elegant height of 9.8 inches, these vases have been sculpted to perfection. Their belly, a broad 3.9 inches, gradually narrows to a refined 3.1-inch head, akin to the silhouette of a blooming tulip. Each vase weighing just over a pound feels substantial in hand, reflecting the gravitas of the art and stories they encapsulate.

When placed together as a pair, these tulip vases are reminiscent of a poetic duet. They harmoniously echo the spirit of Persian landscapes, literature, and the ethereal love tales that the region is famed for. They are not merely vases; they are the guardians of an ancient legacy, each being one-of-a-kind.

Embracing the ethos of Craftestan, every tulip vase embodies our passion for authenticity, individuality, and the profound narratives of Persian culture. Whether you’re gifting it to a loved one or gracing your living space with it, know that you’re not just acquiring a piece of decor, but a piece of history.

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