A Pair of Persian Turquoise Vase – 18 cm – Hyacinth

From the soulful city of Isfahan emerges a form so distinct, a shape so poetic, that it leaves an indelible mark on the beholder’s heart. Meet the tulip shape Persian turquoise decorative vase, where timeless design meets unparalleled craftsmanship, resulting in a silhouette that’s reminiscent of the sands of time.

The Firouzeh Kobi (Persian: فیروزه کوبی) or the art of Persian turquoise technique is elegantly encapsulated in this vase, narrating tales that span centuries. The Persian turquoise, lovingly extracted from Nishapour’s heart, adorns this masterpiece with its exquisite blue-green brilliance. These gemstones, embedded in the copper’s embrace, resonate with the depth of Iranian culture, a testament to its spiritual and artistic legacy.

In its alluring hourglass form, this decorative vase stands gracefully at a height of 7 inches. Its shapely head expands to a width of 3.5 inches, gently contracting to a belly that measures 3.1 inches across. Each one, a testament to balance and proportion, weighs in at a substantial 0.66 pounds, grounding it in both form and function.

At Craftestan, every artifact is a bridge – a connection between the contemporary world and Persia’s golden age. This pair of decorative vase is no exception. It seamlessly carries forth our commitment to celebrate and safeguard the rich tapestry of Persian artistry.

Though they are unveiled without the confines of a gift box, the elegance and allure of these vases are undiminished. Their beauty, undeterred and unboxed, yearns to find its rightful place in your haven.

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