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Persian Turquoise Decorative Plate – 18 cm

As you walk through the labyrinthine streets of Isfahan, where every corner whispers tales of legends, where every stone sings songs of yore, you’ll stumble upon a piece that captures the heart of the city — Persian turquoise decorative plate.

Set against the vast canvas of Iran’s history, this exquisite decorative plate measures a delicate inch in height, revealing itself as a treasure that’s as profound as it is petite. With its 7-inch diameter, the turquoise plate doesn’t merely occupy space; it narrates a story that stretches across the landscapes of Iran, echoing in its depth.

Anchored in the enduring might of copper, the plate gleams with an innate golden-red fire. Yet, what truly sets it apart are the speckles of Persian turquoise from Nishapour, scattered like a sky full of stars on a clear, moonless night. This plate isn’t merely crafted; it’s birthed by the hands of master artisans whose souls resonate with the spirit of Persia.

Though it stands sans a gift box, its allure is unparalleled, worthy of the grandest showcases and the finest collections. Unique, in every sense of the word, the Persian turquoise decorative plate is more than just a decorative piece — it’s an ode to a legacy, a hymn to a heritage.

In the embrace of the Persian turquoise decorative plate, one doesn’t just see a plate; they witness a dance of fire and skies, of earth and heavens, of Isfahan’s spirit and the world’s wonder.

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