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Persian Turquoise Candy Jar – 11 cm

Delve into a world where every curve tells a story, every glint hides a secret. From the bustling heart of Isfahan comes a masterpiece that doesn’t merely contain, but whispers tales of centuries gone by – the Persian turquoise candy jar.

Compact, standing proudly at 4.3 inches in height, this candy jar embodies the grandeur of Persian artistry. Its petite form, with a gently widening belly of 3.1 inches that tapers to a 1.9-inch base, seems to capture the essence of dunes, echoing the undulating landscapes of Iran.

The foundation, crafted from resilient copper, gleams with a fervor that speaks of the setting suns over Isfahan. This lustrous radiance forms a symphony with the splashes of Persian turquoise that seem to have been borrowed straight from the heart of Nishapour, each stone narrating tales of desert nights and caravan songs.

Though this one-of-a-kind treasure does not come nestled in a gift box, its allure stands unparalleled. Every glance towards it beckons memories of distant lands, where poetry floats in the air and every bazaar corner hums with life.

Hold the Persian turquoise and jar, and you don’t just cradle a container; you embrace centuries of Persian tradition, whispers of the old world, and the promise of tales yet to be told.

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