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Persian Turquoise Candy Bowl – 20 cm

In the heart of Isfahan, where tales of Persian grandeur find their voice, emerges a masterpiece that is destined to become the showstopper of any setting – The Persian turquoise candy bowl. This candy bowl, with its meticulously crafted lid, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Iranian craftsmanship.

Measuring a statuesque 7.8 inches in height and gracefully spanning across 11.8 inches at its widest, this bowl captivates with its inherent beauty. The foundation, with a diameter of 5.9 inches, supports this structure with undeniable poise, offering stability to the vessel that holds within its confines, treasures beyond candies – tales, heritage, and an art form passed down through generations.

The exquisite blend of rich copper, tinged with gold-red hues, complements the celestial blue-green of the Persian turquoise, each gem handpicked from the illustrious mines of Nishapour. These stones, inlaid with precision and passion, mirror the vastness of the Persian skies, recreating a piece of heaven in your very hands.

Though the turquoise candy bowl may not come enclosed in a gift box, its very existence is a gift to connoisseurs of art and history. This one-of-a-kind stem dish, forged in fire and adorned with nature’s finest, invites you to become a part of a legacy that transcends time.

Whether it adorns your home or graces the home of a loved one, The Persian turquoise candy bowl promises to be more than just a candy bowl. It is a symphony of art, history, and culture – an ode to Persian elegance.

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