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Persian Turquoise Candy Bowl – 11 cm

Nestled amidst the renowned lanes of Isfahan, where stories of grandeur breathe life into the air, there emerges a piece of art that isn’t just seen but felt — Persian turquoise candy bowl. This candy jar, devoid of a lid, welcomes you with open arms, like the sprawling deserts of Iran beckoning travelers from afar.

Glistening with a proud height of 4.3 inches, the candy bowl unfurls a charm that’s both enigmatic and inviting. Its top expanse spans 3.9 inches, embodying the generosity of Persian spirit, while its sturdy base, covering a diameter of 2.7 inches, promises steadfastness — much like the unwavering character of the Iranian artisans.

Drawing the beholder in is the symphony of its materials: robust copper, bathed in resplendent gold-red hues, harmoniously interspersed with the ethereal blue-green of Persian turquoise. Every stone, carved out of the revered grounds of Nishapour, serves as a testament to nature’s bounty and a craftsman’s expertise.

While the Persian turquoise candy bowl may stand alone without the embrace of a gift box, its aura is undeniably gift-worthy. A singular marvel, this candy jar is not just a vessel for sweets, but also an epitome of the vast Persian landscape where the arid meets the azure.

Beyond its function, the candy jar stands as a bridge — between eras gone by and the present, between the vast skies and the earth, and between the heart of Iran and your home. It’s not just a candy jar; it’s a story waiting to unfold.

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