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Persian Turquoise Candy Jar – 9 cm

Step into a mesmerising dance of Persian art and culture with a memento that doesn’t just sit on a shelf, but draws you into the rhythmic beauty of Iran’s age-old legacies. Introducing the enchanting echo of Isfahan – an exquisite candy jar that captivates at first sight.

This compact keepsake, with its demure height of 3.5 inches, tells tales of grand caravans traversing the Silk Road, carrying with them treasures from distant lands. With a gracefully curved belly measuring 2.9 inches, the jar mirrors the captivating crescent of the moon on a clear Persian night, tapering down to a base as steady as the ancient foundations of Isfahan, standing at 1.9 inches.

Fashioned from the soulful hues of copper, this piece is reminiscent of the golden dawns that kiss Iran’s architectural wonders. But what truly sets it apart is the touch of Persian turquoise. Each gem, sourced from the mystic depths of Nishapour, is like a droplet of time – a relic of Persian tales of valour, love, and mystique.

Though devoid of a gift box, its uniqueness is its own wrapping, a one-of-a-kind charm that echoes the heartbeats of Isfahan’s bustling bazaars and tranquil mosques.

To own the Persian turquoise candy jar is to become a custodian of tales as old as time, woven by the hands of master craftsmen and whispered through the annals of Persian history.

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