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Persian Turquoise Candy Dish – 20 cm

Every piece of confectionery tells a tale, and when placed in the Persian turquoise candy dish, the story becomes even more enchanting. Crafted from the pulsating heart of Isfahan, this stem dish marries the warm, rich tones of copper with the celestial blue-green allure of Persian turquoise from Nishapour, crafting a tableau reminiscent of ancient Persian courts and their luxurious feasts.

With a height of 7.8 inches and a wide, welcoming bowl span of 11.8 inches, this dish is more than just an ornamental piece. It’s a dance of colour and craft, a canvas where the earth’s molten heart and the azure heavens meet. The sturdier base, at 5.9 inches, ensures stability, a foundation as strong as the heritage it represents.

There’s an old Persian saying that goes, “In sweetness, there’s a hint of life.” And it’s this very sweetness that the turquoise candy dish wishes to house. Be it an assortment of confectioneries, exotic dried fruits, or even the treasures of your everyday life – this dish is not just a vessel, but a storyteller.

The crafting process that birthed this piece is a testament to centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. And while the dish doesn’t come nestled in a gift box, its story is the gift. A narrative of hands that molded it, the Earth that yielded its materials, and the culture that breathed life into it.

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