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Exquisite Persian Marquetry Wall Clock – 36 cm

Step into the world of Persian heritage with this exquisite wall clock, an embodiment of the renowned art of Khatam Kari (Persian: خاتم کاری). A tradition tracing back centuries, Khatam Kari, or Persian marquetry, is deeply interwoven with the vibrant history of Isfahan, a city that breathes life into art.

Standing tall at a height of 3.5 cm or 1.4 inches, this wall clock is a testament to timeless elegance. The streets of Isfahan come alive as you glance at the enamelled surface, crafted from copper and spanning 20 cm or 7.9 inches both in width and depth. This radiant centrepiece is encased within the clock’s body, which stretches out to 36 cm or 14.2 inches in both width and depth. Expertly molded from wood, camel’s bone, and brass, the body of this clock is a tactile expression of Isfahan’s rich craftsmanship. Weighing a sturdy 2000 g or 2.6 lb, this timepiece is not just a mere instrument to measure moments but is a vessel carrying stories of ages past.

In the heart of this clock lies Craftestan’s vision – a blend of passion, pride, and reverence for Persian artistry. The tale of every artisan, every chisel on wood, every crafted piece is interlaced with this clock’s very essence. While it may not be encased in a gift box, its value lies in the rich tapestry of tales, skill, and a tradition that it brings from the soulful alleys of Isfahan. Owning this clock is more than just an addition to one’s collection; it’s an embrace of Persian heritage and Craftestan’s commitment to art and artisans.

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