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Persian Marquetry Wall Clock – 33 cm

Dive into the heart of Persia with this exquisite wall clock, an embodiment of the timeless art of Khatam Kari (Persian: خاتم کاری). This Persian marquetry technique, so deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Iran, finds its origins in the vibrant cities of Isfahan and Shiraz. It’s an art form that celebrates the diligent arrangement of wood, bone, and metal, shaping them into mesmerising, geometric patterns.

This piece, with a height of 5 cm or 1.9 inches, narrates a tale as ancient as the city of Isfahan itself. Meandering through its alleys, you can almost hear the symphonies of artisans delicately carving out their legacy. The clock’s enamelled surface, a gleaming 17 cm or 6.7 inches both in width and depth, is masterfully crafted from copper, reflecting the radiant hues of Isfahan’s sunsets. Surrounding this are the body’s dimensions, spanning 33 cm or 13 inches in width and depth, meticulously sculpted from a harmony of materials – wood, camel’s bone, and brass. Weighing in at 1300 g or 2.8 lb, this clock isn’t merely a timekeeper; it’s a gateway to the heart of Persia.

Yet, the essence of this wall clock transcends beyond its physical attributes. It is a testament to Craftestan’s unwavering commitment to championing Persian artistry and the skilled hands that craft it. When you embrace this wall clock, you don’t just own a timepiece; you own a narrative of Isfahan, a reflection of Craftestan’s ethos, and a unique masterpiece weighing centuries of history and tradition. While it might not come housed in a gift box, it’s swathed in the tales, dreams, and aspirations of an age-old civilisation.

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