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Persian Marquetry Wall Clock – 26 cm

Every tick, every chime, every glance at this marquetry wall clock reminds one of Isfahan’s grandeur, echoing the stories whispered down its ancient alleyways. Yet, this clock holds a tale of its own. Stretching 1.6 inches in height, it’s a blend of precision and legacy.

The enamelled copper surface, spanning 6 inches across, encapsulates the age-old traditions, while its broader body, at a length of 10 inches, brings together the vibrant narratives of copper, wood, camel’s bone, and brass. Every intricate piece fitted within this 1.8 lb marvel tells of hours dedicated to perfection.

It’s not just about telling time. It’s about narrating tales of Persian allure, of artisans’ unwavering spirit, and of Craftestan’s dedication to authenticity. A glance at this clock isn’t merely to see the time; it’s to travel back to an era of unmatched artistry.

Even though it does not come housed within a gift box, this unique timepiece is wrapped in the profound narratives of Persia. Hold a piece of Isfahan’s heartbeat on your wall and be constantly reminded of a culture’s undying spirit and dedication to art.

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