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Exquisite Persian Marquetry Wall Clock – 47 cm

In the heart of Persian history lies a rich tapestry of art and craftsmanship that spans centuries. One of the most remarkable gems from this cultural treasury is Persian marquetry, or as it is more commonly known, Khatam Kari (Persian: خاتم کاری) . This intricate technique, requiring a combination of impeccable precision, patience, and an undying artistic vision, thrives on the meticulous arrangement of wood, bone, and metal into decorative, geometric patterns. Rooted in the soulful lanes of Isfahan and Shiraz, this art echoes the tales of dedicated artisans and their deep-rooted love for their craft.

When you behold this wall clock, standing at a height of 3.5 cm or 1.4 inches, a story unfolds. The bustling bazaars of Isfahan come alive, a place where the rhythmic chimes of craftsmen resonate with the backdrop of everyday chatter. With an enamelled surface of 30 cm or 11.8 inches in both width and depth, crafted from gleaming copper, the clock captures the spirit of the city, melding tradition with timelessness. The body, extending to a width and depth of 47 cm or 1′ 6.5 inches, is a symphony of materials. Wood, camel’s bone, and brass come together to frame this masterpiece that weighs a solid 2000 g or 4.4 lb. As the hands of the clock weave through time, they gracefully move over an artistic canvas, a testament to countless hours of dedication and craftsmanship, all originating from the heart of Isfahan, Iran.

However, this wall clock, a unique artifact in its essence, isn’t just about telling time. It carries with it the mission and values of Craftestan. Every piece from Craftestan, this clock included, stands as a beacon of our undying commitment to preserving the profound legacy of Persian art, while simultaneously uplifting the very artisan communities that breathe life into these masterpieces. Each tick of the clock isn’t just a passing second, but an echo of Craftestan’s journey intertwined with Isfahan’s timeless legacy. It embodies values of handmade uniqueness, soul, and countless untold stories.

To gift this clock is to share more than just a moment in time. It is to share a slice of history, a piece of the vibrant city of Isfahan, and a chapter from the lives of the artisans at Craftestan. And even though it may not be encased in a gift box, know that it is delicately wrapped in layers of history, culture, and the undying spirit of Persia.

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