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Persian Marquetry Wall Clock – 36 cm

Wander through the lanes of Isfahan, and the echoes of ancient craftsmanship merge with modern day artistry, much like the nuances of the sunset blending into the twilight. Such is the allure of our latest offering, a marquetry wall clock that seamlessly marries tradition with time.

Imagine the artisans meticulously placing each piece of wood, camel’s bone, and brass to forge the marquetry pattern on this clock. The enamelled copper surface, spanning a generous 28cm or roughly 11 inches, speaks of the grandeur of Persian palaces. Yet, it’s the overall dimensions – 36cm in both width and depth or about 14 inches – that strike a balance, making it ideal for contemporary homes.

The weight of the clock, approximately 4.4 lbs, stands testament to its robust build and the richness of materials used. Every glance at this clock will take you to Isfahan, reminding you of its heritage, its stories, and its artisans who, generation after generation, have kept the art of marquetry alive.

For those who seek more than just utility, this clock is an emblem of Persian artistry. Rooted in Craftestan’s vision, it tells tales of ancient Isfahan, while meticulously handcrafted patterns echo the city’s vibrant spirit. A unique masterpiece, it doesn’t just measure time but cherishes it, making every second count.

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