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Persian Enamel Candy Jar – 17 cm

Venture into an intimate dance between form and narrative with this exquisitely enamelled candy jar, emanating straight from the heritage-rich streets of Isfahan. As the cradle of the age-old Minakari craft (Persian: میناکاری), Isfahan produces artifacts that aren’t just objects but soulful tales captured in tangible forms.

Forged from the finest copper, the candy jar reflects a duality of strength and beauty. Standing at a regal height of 17 cm (around 6.7 inches), it gracefully widens to 15 cm (approximately 5.9 inches) at the bowl and converges to a stable 10 cm (about 3.9 inches) at its base. Its delicate weight of 450 g (close to 1 lb) ensures it is effortlessly majestic.

Yet, the soul of this candy jar rests in its design—inspired by the iconic ‘Toranj ‘ (Persian: ترنج). The term ‘Toranj’ in Farsi relates to the bergamot fruit. But its essence extends beyond the realms of culinary delight. The bergamot, or Toranj, holds a revered space in Persian culture and literature. Symbolising the intertwined relationship between love, passion, and hope, it often finds mentions in soulful Persian verses and art, casting a spell of eternal allure.

Mirroring this sentiment, the candy jar weaves the tale of the Toranj fruit in its design. A visual poetry in itself, every curve and etch on the jar speaks of the bergamot’s cultural significance, transporting you to the romantic courtyards of ancient Persia, where poets sang paeans of love under the moonlit sky.

Embracing this candy jar isn’t just about owning an artifact—it’s about holding a piece of Persian soul. For those who cherish tales, heritage, and timeless elegance, this candy jar isn’t merely an object; it’s a passage to the ethereal world of Persian dreams.

Let this vessel of stories, craftsmanship, and culture find its place in your home. Secure this epitome of Persian grandeur and let it whisper tales of Toranj, romance, and the timeless Persian spirit every time your eyes meet its elegance.

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