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Persian Enamelled Sugar Bowl Pedestal – 30 cm – Oriental Garden

Embrace the pinnacle of Persian craftsmanship with our exclusive enamelled sugar bowl pedestal—a jewel of artistry straight from the heart of Isfahan. Each curve, every line, speaks of the region’s unparalleled mastery in Minakari,(Persian: میناکاری) a form of art renowned for its precision, dedication, and splendour.

Crafted entirely by hand from high-quality copper, this sugar bowl pedestal isn’t just an object; it’s a story—a tale of the artisans of Isfahan who have passed down their skills through generations. The meticulous detailing on this piece is evident in its dimensions, standing tall at 30 cm (or approximately 11.8 inches) with a body width of 15 cm (around 5.9 inches) and a top diameter of 10 cm (close to 3.9 inches). Despite its grandeur and intricate design, it weighs a mere 900 g (almost 2 lbs), symbolising the delicate balance between strength and elegance.

However, it’s the design that truly captures the essence of this masterpiece. Adorned with the iconic Arabesque motifs—interlacing lines, floral, and foliage patterns—each segment of this bowl resembles the scale of a fish. Within these embossed scales, the Arabesque designs are so masterfully hand-printed that they seem to come alive, shimmering and dancing, reflecting the rich tapestry of Persian art and culture.

In the world of homewares, certain items transcend their primary function to become pieces of art. This enamelled sugar bowl pedestal is one such creation—a synthesis of function and form, tradition and craft. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or simply wish to elevate your daily rituals, this pedestal promises to be a conversation starter, a symbol of luxury, and a testament to your impeccable taste. Own not just an item, but a piece of Persian history.

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