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Persian Enamel Rose Water Sprinkler – 36 cm – Fish Scales

A symbol of tradition and refinement, the rosewater sprinkler, or “Golab Pash” (Persian: گلاب پاش) as it’s known in Farsi, stands as a testament to Persian cultural richness. Rosewater, with its purifying and aromatic allure, has played an integral role in Persian rituals for centuries. Especially in the fragrant streets of Kashan, renowned for its high-quality rosewater, the tradition has been meticulously preserved, cherished, and celebrated.

Each of our rosewater sprinklers captures this essence, brought to life in the hands of expert artisans from Isfahan – a city celebrated for its mastery over the enamelling technique, Minakari (Persian: میناکاری). Hand-painted with precision, love, and decades of expertise, this piece isn’t just a sprinkler; it’s a narrative of ancient Persia.

Constructed from the finest quality copper, its durability matches its beauty. Standing gracefully at 36 cm (or about 14.2 inches) with a body that boasts a maximum diameter of 17 cm (approximately 6.7 inches) and a sturdy base of 4.5 cm (roughly 1.8 inches), it weighs in at an impressive 1400 grams (or about 3.1 lbs).

But the artistry doesn’t end at the enamelling. The design of the rosewater sprinkler is a visual feast, featuring iconic Arabesques motifs. Evoking the beauty of nature, each floral and foliage pattern intricately interlines with the next. The embossed body, reminiscent of the delicate scales of a fish, serves as the canvas for these designs. In every scale, the Arabesque patterns have been masterfully hand-printed, symbolising an unbroken tradition and unparalleled craftsmanship.

For those who appreciate authenticity and seek unique, one-of-a-kind items that narrate tales of bygone eras, this enamelled rosewater sprinkler is not just a purchase but an investment into a piece of Persian heritage.

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