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Persian Enamel Rose Water Sprinkler – 36 cm – Bergamot

Introducing our hand-crafted enamelled rosewater sprinkler – a tribute to the intricate art of Minakari (Persian: میناکاری) from Isfahan and a cherished tradition in Persian culture. In English, “Golab Pash” (Persian: گلاب پاش) translates to a vessel used for sprinkling rosewater, a practice deeply embedded in the heart of Persian rituals. For centuries, rosewater, or “Golab” (Persian: گلاب), has adorned Persian ceremonies, celebrations, and even daily lives in homes. As a symbol of purification and an aromatic embrace, its use goes beyond mere ritual – it’s a gesture of warmth, purity, and hospitality. Notably, Iran, especially the city of Kashan, stands as the epicenter of high-quality rosewater production, boasting a legacy that permeates through history. Kashan’s rosewater is renowned for its intoxicating aroma and authenticity, and the Golab Pash serves as its worthy companion. To own a rosewater sprinkler is not just to have a vessel but to embrace this luxurious tradition and elevate every occasion. Through this artifact, one not only indulges in the essence of Persian aesthetics but also in the very soul of its celebrated rosewater heritage.

Handcrafted with precision by esteemed artisans from Isfahan, this piece resonates with the rich heritage of Minakari. Made from the finest quality copper, its surface is adorned with meticulous enamelling and hand-painted details that echo the soulful artistry of Persian craftsmen. Measuring 36 cm in height (approximately 14.2 inches), with a maximum body diameter of 17 cm (about 6.7 inches) and a base diameter of 4.5 cm (1.8 inches), it weighs in at a substantial 1400 g (~3.09 lbs), signifying its sturdy craftsmanship.

The design of the rosewater sprinkler is deeply symbolic, showcasing the bergamot fruit or Toranj (Persian: ترنج). In Persian culture and literature, the bergamot is often emblematic of the transient nature of life and beauty, often metaphorically portraying fleeting moments of joy. Its delicate aroma and unique taste have made it a cherished fruit, and its depiction on the rosewater sprinkler elevates the item from a functional artifact to a symbolic treasure.

Owning this exquisite piece isn’t merely about possessing an object; it’s about becoming a part of an age-old narrative, a tale that has been whispered through generations in the bustling bazaars of Isfahan, amidst poetic verses and the wafting scent of rosewater. By choosing this masterpiece, you directly uphold and celebrate the artisan communities of Iran. This isn’t just a rosewater sprinkler—it’s a story, a memory, a piece of Persian soul that only a select few will have the privilege to cherish. While it holds a premium price, it promises an unparallel legacy of craftsmanship, tradition, and deep-rooted Persian ethos.

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