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Térméh Tablecloth – Sepah Salar

Experience a slice of Persian tradition with our exquisite Termeh square tablecloth, originating from the historic city of Yazd, Iran – a place known for its distinct architecture, ancient underground water channels, and a strong cultural affinity with textiles. This city is renowned as the centre of high-quality Termeh (Persian: ترمه) production, reflecting centuries of inherited skills and an enduring connection with the essence of Persian culture.

This tablecloth isn’t just fabric; it’s a meticulously woven narrative of Persian heritage. Crafted from the finest viscous silk, it offers unmatched quality and tactile appeal. Measuring 100cm x 100cm (or approximately 39.4 inches x 39.4 inches), it is perfectly suited for square tables. Weighing just 900 grams (~1.98 pounds), it’s lightweight yet durable, ensuring easy handling without compromising on longevity.

The tablecloth showcases an intricate Hashemi (Persian: هاشمی) design, an historic motif recognised for its aesthetic symmetry and detailed artistry. But the real magic lies in the representation of the mythical Persian garden. This tablecloth blends eight different silk threads to artistically represent this concept. Persian gardens, or ‘Paradise gardens’, hold a special place in Persian literature and culture – they symbolise an earthly utopia, a harmony of human creativity and natural elements. The vibrant colours and complex patterns in this tablecloth bring this utopia into your living space, offering a timeless piece that enhances any decor.

Each tablecloth is not just a product; it is a testament to an ancient culture’s artistry, an embodiment of a poetic ethos, and a tribute to the dedicated craftsmen from Yazd. This luxury piece speaks to those who appreciate the unique, the authentic, and the durable – those who seek a slice of ‘paradise’ in their everyday life.

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