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Térméh Tablecloth 5 Piece Set – Shah Pasand

Introducing our azure Hashemi Termeh, a luxurious Persian tablecloth set, emanating an authentic charm unique to the artisan heritage of Yazd, Iran. This Termeh (Persian: ترمه), renowned for its exceptional quality, is a quintessential representation of Yazd’s longstanding tradition of weaving. This practice dates back to the Safavid era, contributing immensely to the city’s cultural and economic landscape.

The set comprises five distinct pieces, each woven from the finest viscous silk. The set includes a square tablecloth (39″ x 39″), perfect for square tables; a dining table runner (20″ x 67″), designed to accommodate a table for six; a smaller table runner (16″ x 35″), suitable for more intimate settings; and a pair of placemats (12″ x 18″ each), ideal for individual place settings or smaller tables.

The azure Hashemi Termeh set is meticulously handcrafted using seven unique silk threads. Its dominant colour, azure, is reminiscent of the clear Persian skies. This bright hue is complemented by an intricate Hashemi (Persian: هاشمی) design, a historical pattern known for its beautiful complexity and fine details.

Weighing in at around 1900 grams, or approximately 4.2 lbs, this tablecloth set has a substantial yet elegant feel. The weight, coupled with the high-quality viscous silk, reflects a tangible assurance of durability and premium craftsmanship.

The azure Hashemi Termeh isn’t just a tablecloth set; it’s a fusion of Persian artistry, tradition, and luxury. It encapsulates an ancient craftsmanship honed over centuries, carried forward by skilled artisans, and ultimately manifested in this exquisite product. This set is an ideal choice for those who value authenticity, uniqueness, and quality, taking pride in adding a touch of timeless Persian elegance to their dining experience.

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