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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 30 cm – Vortex Floral

Unveiling our petite yet profound Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ decorative plate. Measuring a compact 30cm (nearly a foot for those favouring the imperial measure), this piece encapsulates a whole universe of Persian history and artistry.

Every nuanced detail of this Minakari plate sings of the passionate craftsmanship of Isfahan’s artisans. Its design – a striking vortex floral pattern – draws inspiration from abstract Persian islimi motives, giving it a unique identity in the vast expanse of traditional art forms.

This vortex floral design, a spiralling dance of Persian motifs, echoes the ebbs and flows of life itself – capturing the essence of movement, the beauty of continuity, and the thrill of unexpected twists in the journey of life.

Purchasing this plate doesn’t just mean acquiring a beautiful decorative piece. It means you’re adding your voice to the chorus that sings the timeless tale of Persian artistry, aiding in the preservation of a rich traditional art form, and directly supporting the artisan who breathed life into this plate.

In an age where mass-produced items flood our spaces, the authentic charm of a handmade artefact offers a refreshing touch of individuality. This plate isn’t merely an inanimate object – it’s a living narrative that infuses life into your environment. It’s a silent advocate of environmental sustainability, promoting a craft that values hands over machines.

We don’t just deliver a plate – we bring a fragment of Persian heritage to your home. Free delivery across the UK ensures that this slice of history reaches you without any hindrance. Let your space echo with the timeless tales of Isfahan, enriched by this aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious piece of art. Each look at this plate unveils a new layer, a new story – an everlasting journey of discovery.


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