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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 30 cm – Fish Scale

Step into a world of unique artistry with our Persian Enamel, or ‘Minakari’, decorative plate, with its fish scale texture – an artefact of history, meticulously crafted into an enchanting centrepiece.

Every inch of this 30cm (or nearly a foot, for those more accustomed to imperial measurements) Minakari plate resonates with the skilled hands of Isfahan artisans. Carved into a bas-relief surface, its fish scale texture is more than a design – it’s a tactile narrative, capturing the rhythmic tides of the artistic process.

At the heart of this plate’s intricate design is a stunning showcase of iconic Persian floral and foliate patterns. These motifs are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are a testament to the timeless tales of Persian culture, symbolising growth and harmony – a quiet nod to the evergreen essence of our lives.

This exceptional Minakari plate, in addition to being an eye-catching decorative item, murmurs an enduring tale of Persian craftsmanship. Each purchase turns this murmur into a resonant voice, directly supporting the artisan and contributing to the preservation of this invaluable traditional art form.

In an era teeming with mass-produced items, the charm of a handmade artefact radiates even more brightly. This plate doesn’t merely take up space in your home – it imparts life and character to it. It champions environmental sustainability in a subtle yet profound way, advocating an art form that reduces industrial production.

We’re not merely shipping a plate – we’re delivering a piece of Persian heritage right to your doorstep, with no delivery charge across the UK. Let your home reverberate with the whispers of ancient Isfahan, whilst adding an elegant touch of cultural richness to your decor. Own a piece of history that’s both environmentally conscious and aesthetically delightful, where each look unveils a new detail, a new story, a new sentiment.

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