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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 20 cm – Oriental Garden

Step into an artistic vortex with our Persian Enamel, or ‘Minakari’ (Persian: میناکاری), decorative plate. This 20cm (approximately 7.9 inches) masterpiece is an exquisite blend of Persian artistry, drenched in history and heritage, resulting in a compelling home accessory that transcends the ordinary.

Unfolding over the surface of this plate is an intricate labyrinth of the classic arabesque and Islimi motifs, meticulously painted by the hands of skilled artisans in Isfahan. The carefully calculated symmetrical patterns form a harmonious composition that captivates and mesmerises with every glance.

Each turn and curve of this intricate design is embellished with lavish floral and foliate designs, a symbolic nod to the beautiful gardens of Persia. This detail breathes life into the plate, transforming it from a mere object into a narrative of the rich cultural heritage of Persia.

Owning this plate isn’t just a testament to your impeccable taste, but also a direct support line to the talented Persian artisans who painstakingly bring these designs to life. This commitment to preserve traditional art forms in the face of mass production sets us apart, while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Embrace this piece of history with our free UK-wide delivery service. This Minakari plate doesn’t just occupy space; it invites the stories and the spirit of Persian art into your home, making it a treasure trove of cultural stories and artistic brilliance. An investment in beauty, history, and the undying spirit of Persian artistry.


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