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Persian Enamel Wall Decor – 20 cm – Blossom Garden

Delve into the captivating world of Persian craftsmanship with our latest Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ decorative plate. With a diameter of 20cm (close to 8 inches for the imperial enthusiasts), this piece adds a vibrant flair to the timeless tradition of Persian enamelling.

Imbued with the painstaking attention to detail of Isfahan’s skilled artisans, this Minakari plate exudes a rare visual charm. The piece moves away from the customary blue of Persian enamelling, choosing instead to captivate with a striking white hue punctuated with charming red accents.

The plate’s surface is brought to life with the intricate rendering of iconic Persian floral and foliate motifs. This rich detailing draws its inspiration from the lush beauty of Persian gardens, encapsulating a paradise replete with nature’s grandeur and the ceaseless dance of life.

But this decorative plate is more than just a beautiful artefact. It’s a symbol of support for the craft communities of Isfahan. When you purchase this plate, you’re helping to sustain the livelihoods of the artisans who breathe life into these traditional arts, thereby playing a crucial role in the preservation of this invaluable art form.

Handmade objects like this are a beacon of uniqueness in a world saturated with mass-produced goods. This decorative plate won’t just occupy a space in your home; it will fill it with the unique story of its creation, embodying the values of sustainable craftsmanship.

Enjoy free delivery across the UK as we bring not just a product but a piece of Persian heritage to your doorstep. By adding this environmentally conscious piece to your collection, you’ll be weaving the rich tapestry of ancient Isfahan into your home’s narrative. Every look at this plate reveals a fresh perspective, a new layer of the story, contributing to an enduring journey of admiration and discovery.

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