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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 16 cm – Nightingale & Floral

Step into the world of intricate Persian craftsmanship with our latest addition to the Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ (Persian: میناکاری) decorative plate collection. This enchanting piece, at 16 cm in diameter (approximately 6.3 inches for those using imperial measures), is a charming deviation from the norm, intricately portraying a beautiful garden teeming with realistic flowers and nightingales.

Every aspect of this plate is lovingly handcrafted by the highly skilled artisans of Isfahan. Unveiling a new narrative in Persian enamelling, this unique plate breaks away from the typical abstract floral, foliate and arabesque patterns, taking you on a mesmerising journey through a serene Persian garden.

What makes this piece particularly special is the vivid portrayal of nightingales amidst the blossoms. The nightingale, or ‘bulbul’ (Persian: بلبل ) is a recurring symbol in Persian literature and culture, often representing passionate love, deep longing, and spiritual yearning. The nightingale’s song, believed to be filled with melancholic longing for the unattainable, resonates with the spiritual quest for the divine, mirroring the soul’s yearning for spiritual fulfilment.

Acquiring this Minakari plate isn’t just about owning a unique decorative piece. It’s about connecting with and supporting the livelihoods of the hardworking artisans who invest their skill and passion into creating these masterpieces, thereby playing a vital part in preserving this precious art form.

In an era where mass-produced items are commonplace, handmade creations like this plate stand out, embodying uniqueness, sustainability and the indomitable spirit of human creativity.

We offer free delivery across the UK, ensuring that we don’t just deliver a product, but transport a piece of Persian heritage right to your doorstep. Owning this environmentally friendly piece not only enriches your living space with a tangible reflection of ancient Isfahan, but also supports the preservation of this valuable traditional art form. Each view of this plate offers a fresh perspective, a new chapter in its tale, igniting a never-ending journey of exploration and appreciation.

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