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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 25 cm – Azure Sea

Introducing our striking Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari decorative plate. At 25cm (or nearly 10 inches for our friends who prefer the imperial system), this piece serves as a vibrant canvas that echoes the artistry and tradition of Persian craftsmanship.

Each detail of this Minakari plate resonates with the unique skill and dedication of Isfahan’s artisans. Its vivid, eye-catching azure hue serves as the backdrop for a lively dance of intertwining plants and abstract curvilinear motifs – a spectacle that’s as captivating as the stories it tells.

The design, a mesmerising mix of organic and abstract elements, mimics the beauty and mystery of life itself. The intertwining plants symbolise growth, connections, and the harmony of nature, while the abstract motifs add a touch of whimsy and the unexpected – reflecting the unpredictability and joy of life’s journey.

Owning this plate is more than just adding a striking decorative piece to your collection. It means you’re contributing to the age-old song of Persian artistry, aiding in the preservation of this invaluable traditional art form, and directly supporting the artisan who meticulously crafted this piece.

In a world where assembly lines churn out identical items, the undeniable allure of a handmade artefact stands out even more. This plate doesn’t just sit in your home – it breathes life into it, telling its tale to anyone who pauses to listen. It’s a silent warrior for environmental sustainability, choosing the love and patience of human hands over impersonal machines.

When we deliver this plate – free of charge across the UK – we’re not just sending a product. We’re transporting a fragment of Persian heritage right into your living room. Let your space reverberate with the ancient tales of Isfahan, amplified by this environmentally conscious and visually stunning piece of art. Each glance at this plate reveals a new facet, unravels a new story – a perpetual voyage of discovery and admiration.


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