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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 30 cm – Moonlight Garden

Step into a realm of timeless beauty with our newest addition to the Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ (Persian: میناکاری) decorative plate collection. At a generous 30cm in diameter (or approximately 12 inches for the imperial-minded), this plate captures the exquisite aesthetics of traditional Persian enamelling, expressed through a masterfully handcrafted design.

This unique Minakari plate goes beyond the conventional flat surface, boasting a brass relief surface that mirrors the intriguing texture of a fish scale. Crafted meticulously by the adept artisans of Isfahan, the intricate detail of each relief cell is a testament to their skill and dedication to the art form.

The design of this plate is brought to life with the enchanting arabesque patterns, showcasing the symmetrical and repetitive motifs typical of Islimi design. Each ‘scale’ is lavishly adorned with an intricate Persian floral or foliate design, creating an artistic masterpiece that embodies the perfect blend of form and function.

The unparalleled beauty of this plate doesn’t end at its visuals. Each purchase contributes to the support of the talented artisans who’ve poured their skill and passion into creating this piece, directly aiding in the preservation of this invaluable art form.

In an era where the allure of handcrafted items often gets lost amidst mass-produced merchandise, this Minakari plate is a shining beacon of individuality and sustainability. It’s more than a decorative item—it’s a narrative of the rich Persian heritage, unfolding within your home.

As always, we offer free delivery across the UK, meaning that we bring not just a product, but a slice of Persian culture, right to your doorstep. By integrating this environmentally conscious masterpiece into your decor, you contribute to the narrative of ancient Isfahan’s timeless artistry. Each glance at this plate unveils a new layer of its enchanting story, turning the everyday into an endless journey of discovery and delight.


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