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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 25 cm – Chrysanthemum

We’re thrilled to present our latest Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ decorative plate. At a grand 25cm (or nearly 10 inches for our imperial enthusiasts), this vibrant creation is a colour-infused testament to the richness and diversity of Persian craftsmanship.

Every hue and line of this Minakari plate tells a tale of Isfahan’s artisans’ meticulous craft. Breaking away from the traditional blue palette, this piece flaunts a unique blend of white, red, blue, and yellow. Its design, a pictorial representation of a Persian garden, draws you into a verdant haven of iconic Persian floral and foliate patterns.

This Persian garden design, with its array of intertwining plants and captivating motifs, serves as a vibrant embodiment of Persian culture. The garden symbolises a heavenly paradise, while the floral and foliate patterns hint at the beauty and vitality of nature – a subtle reminder of life’s lush bounty and our deep-rooted connection to the natural world.

Purchasing this plate does more than simply add an exquisite decorative piece to your collection. It means you’re participating in the chorus that sings the rich song of Persian artistry. You are contributing to the preservation of a valuable traditional art form and directly supporting the dedicated artisan who crafted this vibrant piece.

In a world filled with the uniformity of mass-produced items, the individuality of a handmade artefact shines brighter. This plate isn’t simply an object in your home – it’s a conversation piece that infuses your space with life and colour. It’s a champion of environmental sustainability, advocating an art form that values craftsmanship over industrial production.

When we deliver this plate – free of charge across the UK – we’re not merely shipping a product. We’re carrying a piece of Persian heritage into your home. Let your space resound with the ancient tales of Isfahan, amplified by this environmentally conscious and stunning piece of art. Every gaze upon this plate unveils a new facet, unravels a new story – a continuing journey of discovery and delight.

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