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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 25 cm – Floral Garden

We’re excited to unveil our latest offering in the Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ decorative plate series. This enchanting creation, standing at 25cm (or nearly 10 inches for the imperial-minded), is a masterclass in traditional Persian craftsmanship and artistry.

Each stroke on this Minakari plate speaks volumes of the precision and dedication of Isfahan’s artisan community. The dominant hue of blue, a timeless testament to Persian enamelling, enhances the high-density floral and foliate pattern – a lush visual symphony depicting a legendary Persian garden.

This intricate Persian garden design, abundant in its floral and foliate imagery, serves as a tangible portrayal of Persian cultural heritage. The garden, a symbol of paradise on Earth, and the dense floral patterns, indicative of nature’s opulence, present a rich tapestry of life’s beauty and our inherent connection to the world around us.

Acquiring this plate goes beyond merely owning an exquisite decorative piece. It signifies your contribution to the melodious symphony of Persian artistry. You aid in the preservation of a precious traditional art form and offer direct support to the artisan who skillfully crafted this work of art.

But this plate represents more than just a beautiful piece of decor. When you purchase it, you’re not only acquiring a striking art piece but also becoming part of a much larger narrative. Each purchase supports the livelihood of the dedicated artisans who created it, preserving their craft and contributing to the continuity of this rich traditional art form. This is fair trade in action – supporting craft communities and ensuring their age-old artistry is carried forward for future generations.

In an era dominated by mass production, the allure of a handmade item stands out, symbolising not only craftsmanship but also individuality and environmental sustainability. This plate isn’t merely an object in your home – it’s a conversation piece, silently advocating for artisanal labour and a balanced co-existence with our environment.

With free delivery across the UK, we’re not just sending a product, we’re sharing a piece of Persian heritage that will enrich your home. Immerse your space in the echoes of ancient Isfahan and become a part of the movement to preserve this environmentally conscious and mesmerising art form. Each glance at this plate reveals a new aspect, unravels a new story, symbolising an ongoing journey of exploration and appreciation.

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