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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 16 cm – Moonlight Bud

Embark on an artistic journey with our exquisite 16cm (approximately 6.3 inches) Persian Enamel, or ‘Minakari’ (Persian: میناکاری), decorative plate. More than a simple decor, this piece is a stunning showcase of the superior craftsmanship and timeless artistry that defines the skilled artisans of Isfahan.

The copper surface of this plate takes on a unique brass relief texture, bringing a tactile dimension that elevates the already stunning aesthetics. The design intricacies unfurl through the typical arabesque and Islimi motifs, arranging themselves into symmetrical geometric patterns that are a visual delight.

Every single cell within these patterns bursts with ornate floral and foliate designs, akin to an exquisite Persian garden taking shape right before your eyes. The harmonious interplay of shapes, lines, and colours is a testament to the unparalleled attention to detail employed in crafting this plate.

Each purchase of this enchanting Minakari plate serves a purpose greater than mere aesthetic gratification. It breathes life into an age-old tradition, supporting the dedicated Persian artisans in their endeavour to keep this artistic legacy alive.

Invite this masterpiece into your home, and witness it infuse your living space with a profound sense of cultural richness and artistic brilliance. Experience the unrivalled charm of Persian enamelling, all delivered to your doorstep free of charge across the UK. Your home deserves nothing less than this extraordinary piece of art that each day unveils a new tale, a new detail, a new emotion.

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