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The Best Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 50 cm

Introducing our unique masterpiece: the ultimate symbol of Persian artistry and craftsmanship, an exquisite handcrafted Persian enamelled decorative plate. This stunning showpiece has been meticulously created by skilled master artists, amalgamating three time-honored Persian art forms into one flawless work of art.

Dominating the beautiful, large 50 cm diameter and 9 cm high plate, is the revered art of Persian calligraphy, known as Khosh-Nevisi (Persian: خوش نویسی). Skillfully inscribed around the edges of the plate, the artist has written the most recognised verse in the Koran, Ayat Al-Kursi (Persian: آیت الکرسی). For those less acquainted with Islamic scripture, Ayat Al-Kursi is considered the Throne Verse, a symbol of spiritual guidance and protection. This delicate inscription is not just a testimony to the calligrapher’s skill, but a homage to the spiritual essence of Persian culture.

At the heart of this enchanting decorative plate, we encounter the magical world of Persian miniature. With an uncanny attention to detail, the master Persian artist has intricately painted a mesmerising scene of nightingales among flowers. Nightingales hold a special place in Persian literature and culture, often symbolising love, beauty, and the longing for the divine. Each element in this delightful tableau, from the flowers and nightingales down to the smallest bees and ladybugs, is uniquely painted, mirroring the enchanting allure of a Persian garden – a symbol of heaven on earth.

The final element of this unique piece is the ancient technique of enamelling. Every aspect of this Persian enamel, from the vibrant colours to the high-quality copper canvas, has been carefully selected to ensure its longevity. The craftsmanship and quality of this plate are unquestionable, promising to retain its vivid beauty for generations to come.

The combination of these three Persian art forms in a single object is an unprecedented testament to the versatility and richness of Persian culture and craftsmanship. It’s not just a decorative plate, but a piece of history and an investment in the timeless beauty of traditional Persian art.

As the best Persian enamel, this piece holds tremendous value. Each artist has poured countless hours into creating this decorative plate, making every inch an artwork in itself. It’s a rare chance to own a piece of Persian culture, a blend of history and art that speaks volumes.

This unique Persian enamelled decorative plate is not just an ornamental object, but a journey into the richness and depth of Persian arts. It is an investment, not only in luxury but in the preservation and appreciation of timeless art and culture. Owning this piece is not just acquiring the best Persian enamel; it’s becoming a guardian of the sacred tradition and fine artistry.