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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 25 cm – Royal Garden

We are thrilled to present our newest gem in the Persian Enamel or ‘Minakari’ decorative plate series. Measuring an impressive 25cm (or nearly 10 inches for the imperial-minded), this piece is a fresh and radiant tribute to the grandeur of Persian craftsmanship.

Every brushstroke on this Minakari plate sings a story of the meticulous skill and dedication of Isfahan’s artisans. In a striking departure from the traditional blue, this plate stuns in a dominant shade of white, providing a pristine canvas for the beautifully painted iconic Persian floral and foliate patterns.

The design, an intricate mix of flora and foliage, serves as a reflection of Persian cultural heritage. Like a bountiful Persian garden, it symbolises a paradise that brims with nature’s wealth and our intrinsic connection with it.

When you purchase this plate, you are not only acquiring an exquisite decorative piece, but you are also lending a hand in a much broader narrative. Each purchase contributes to the sustenance of the passionate artisans who have poured their souls into creating it, preserving their craft and aiding in the propagation of this rich traditional art form. You are thus engaging in fair trade, reinforcing craft communities and ensuring their age-old skills are preserved for future generations.

In a world dominated by the uniformity of mass production, the distinctive charm of a handmade item cannot be overlooked. This plate does not merely occupy a space in your home – it breathes life into it, silently advocating for the value of artisanal craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

With free delivery across the UK, we’re not just dispatching a product; we’re extending a piece of Persian heritage into your home. Immerse your living space in the resonant echoes of ancient Isfahan, and join us in preserving this environmentally conscious and enchanting art form. Each glance at this plate discloses a new facet, a fresh narrative, marking an unending journey of discovery and delight.

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