A Pair of Persian Toreutics Decorative Vase – 40 cm – Embossed

Experience the richness of Persian heritage with our Persian Toreutics or Ghalam Zani (Persian: قلمزنی) decorative vase set, a perfect confluence of history, artistry, and craftsmanship. Sculpted from the finest quality copper, these vases encapsulate centuries of Persian cultural narratives in an elegant and enduring form.

Measuring a grand 40cm in height (approximately 15.7 inches), with a robust max body width of 17cm (approximately 6.7 inches), and a head diameter of 14cm (about 5.5 inches), these grandiose vases are as imposing as they are exquisite. The pair harmonises to craft a balanced visual narrative that transcends beyond ordinary décor.

Both vases come adorned with the iconic ‘Laleh’ (Persian: لاله) or tulip frame design, a recurring motif in Persian art representing love and passion. The intricate, 3D embossed floral patterns on the body seamlessly transition into an authentic Persian gathering or ‘Mehmani’ (Persian: مهمانی) – a lyrical scene from a bygone era.

Witness the story of a Persian musician or Mootreb (Persian: مطرب) serenading the guests with soulful melodies, alongside a Perisn wine pourer or Saghi (Persian: ساقی) , symbolising hospitality and festivity in Persian literature and culture. Every etch and curve on the copper canvas bring these characters to life, thanks to the ancient Ghalam Zani technique of embossing.

The artistry of Ghalam Zani is a labor-intensive process that imparts the vases their unique 3D design, enhancing the visual depth and tactile texture. It’s a testament to the time-honored skill and unwavering patience of the craftspeople who pour their heart and soul into creating these masterpieces.

Post crafting, the vases are layered with a lustrous coat of tin, lending them a silver hue that marries durability with a luxurious aesthetic appeal. An application of carbonic material further infuses the vases with a subtle touch of black hue, juxtaposing against the shining silver to create a visual spectacle.

This Persian toreutics decorative vase set transcends mere decor, inviting you into a world of ancient art, timeless narratives, and unrivalled craftsmanship. Let them spark conversation, inspire creativity, and illuminate your space with a touch of Persian grandeur.

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