A Pair of Persian Toreutics Decorative Vase – 30 cm – Tulip Design

Embrace the exquisite richness of Persian culture with our magnificent pair of Persian toreutics decorative vases. Towering with elegance at a height of 30 cm (approximately 11.81 inches) and featuring a generously proportioned body width of 12 cm (about 4.72 inches), each vase demonstrates the painstaking precision and exceptional skill of Persian craftsmen. Each of their heads delicately spans a diameter of 10 cm (approximately 3.94 inches), setting a regal tone for any setting they grace.

These stunning vases are adorned with the symbolic “Laleh” ( Persian: لاله) or tulip frame, a classic design element in Persian artistry. As the national flower of Iran, the tulip embodies prosperity and indulgence, presenting a vibrant reflection of the country’s abundant beauty.

Brought to life through a meticulous blend of traditional Persian toreutics technique, known as Ghalam Zani (Persian: قملزنی), each vase illustrates an iconic Persian gathering. Featured in the beautiful floral-patterned body of the vases is the soulful “Mootreb” (Persian: مطرب) or musician and the esteemed “Saghi” (Persian: ساقی) or wine pourer, timeless symbols of celebration, camaraderie, and the joy of life in Persian literature and culture.

Our decorative vases are masterfully handcrafted from the highest quality copper, sourced from the renowned city of Kerman, recognised globally for its premium copper. The toreutics technique, although laborious and time-consuming, involves a diligent process of etching designs onto a metal surface, resulting in a truly unique and enchanting art piece.

To enhance the durability and allure of each vase, a layer of tin is applied at the end of the crafting process, imparting a gleaming silver hue that radiates sophistication. Furthermore, the addition of carbonic material imparts a captivating touch of black, offering a distinctive contrast that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of each piece.

The contrasting harmony of the shimmering silver and the enigmatic black give the vases a distinct appearance, resulting in an exquisite pair of decorative items that not only add an element of grandeur to your space but also narrate a rich story of Persian heritage and artistry.

Experience the sublime interplay of culture, tradition, and fine craftsmanship with our Persian Toreutics decorative vase pair – a unique testament to Persian art’s enduring allure and an extraordinary addition to any art or décor collection.

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