Persian Toreutics Decorative Vase – 30 cm – Birds & Flowers

Embark on a journey through the artistic traditions of ancient Persia with our exquisite Ghalam Zani  (Persian: قلمزنی) decorative vase. Singular in its magnificence, this piece is a testament to the timeless allure of Persian artistry.

Crafted meticulously using the distinctive Persian toreutics technique, also known as Ghalam Zani, the vase stands tall at 30 cm (about 11.8 inches) with a generous body width of 22 cm (approximately 8.66 inches). The head, with a diameter of 14 cm (approximately 5.5 inches), perfectly complements the striking stature of the vase. The solitary elegance of this piece makes it an alluring centerpiece for your home decor.

Expertly engraved with floral motifs and birds, this work of art symbolises the iconic Persian gardens – a cornerstone of Persian culture and literature. These gardens, with their delicate balance of natural beauty and architectural precision, symbolise an earthly paradise and promise of eternal bliss. Much like these gardens, the vase creates a harmonious balance between design, material, and craftsmanship, alluring to the eye and enchanting to the spirit.

The laborious Ghalam Zani technique involves a skilled artisan meticulously engraving the surface with a myriad of intricate designs, a time-consuming process that demands absolute precision. The raw material for this artwork is the finest copper from Kerman, a city renowned for its high-quality copper.

After the engraving process, the vase undergoes a final layering of tin, lending it a gleaming silver hue. This protective layer not only enhances the vase’s durability but also elevates its aesthetic appeal.

In the concluding stages of creation, a carbonic substance is delicately introduced to the surface. This addition enriches the vase with a touch of black, creating a striking contrast against the shining silver. The unique interplay of silver and black adds depth and dimension to the piece, making it an unmatched testament to Persian artistry.

Experience the allure of Persian culture in your own home with this magnificent Persian toreutics decorative vase. It’s not just a home décor item; it’s a slice of Persian heritage, blending art, history, and cultural symbolism in one magnificent artifact. This vase is a statement piece that tells a story – a story of Persian heritage, artisanal dedication, and artistic mastery.



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