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Persian Filigree Teaware Collection – Floral Pattern

There’s a tale told, of narrow alleys in Isfahan resonating with the rhythmic clinks of artisans at work. From these sounds, among many wonders, emerges a teaware set that is truly a mirror to the soul of Persia.

Towering at 11 cm, each keep cup isn’t merely a vessel for your tea. It is, instead, a silvery canvas graced by the meticulous hands of Isfahan artisans, their intricate work capturing the dance of shadows and light on the silver-coated copper. The width of 5.5 cm seems not by design, but rather as if the cup evolved naturally to nestle perfectly between human fingers.

Accompanying these keep cups is a tray, a more intimate affair, sized at 22 x 25 cm. Though smaller, its grandeur is unmistakable, each inch narrating tales of Persian filigree or Malileh Kari (Persian: ملیله کاری), a delicate art form passed down through generations.

This set, though crafted for six, speaks for an entire civilisation. It’s not a mere addition to your collection but a bridge that connects you to the very essence of Craftestan’s mission — preserving art, culture, and the stories of artisans.

Though this masterpiece might not reside in a gift box, its true gift is the world it opens for you — a world where tea isn’t just a beverage, but an event, a dialogue between past and present.

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