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Persian Embroidery Tablecloth – Pateh Paisley Garden

Embrace the history, artistry, and cultural richness of our meticulously handcrafted Pateh tapestry, a testament to the strength and resilience of the women of Kerman, Iran. Measuring 100 cm in width and length, this stunning piece showcases the iconic Persian paisley pattern, reflecting a vibrant visual narrative of the lives of its creators.

In the stark landscape of Kerman province, nestled on the border of Iran’s Lut Desert, nature struggles to flourish. Yet, the women of Kerman have cultivated their own lush Persian Garden through the intricate art of Pateh. Each meticulously embroidered tapestry can take months, even years, to complete, as teams of women gather to bring this age-old tradition to life.

Our Pateh tapestries not only serve as a versatile home accent but also embody Craftestan’s mission to support and empower Persian artisans. We are dedicated to upholding fair trade practices and providing opportunities for these talented women to improve their lives and communities. By purchasing a Pateh tapestry, you directly contribute to this mission, celebrating the craftsmanship of Persian artisans and promoting positive change.

Today, the artisans continue to create Pateh in their homes, seamlessly weaving their artistry into the fabric of their daily lives. As one Kermani woman eloquently puts it, “Pateh is like the friend of the family.” The predominant red hue of traditional Pateh tapestries bears powerful symbolism. As the older women of Kerman say, “You, Pateh, are red because of my blood.” Each colourful tapestry embodies the lives, hardships, and joys of its creators, a living testament to their strength and resilience.

Enrich your living space with our exquisitely crafted Pateh tapestry and support the heart and soul of Kerman through Craftestan’s commitment to fair trade and artisan empowerment. Order your authentic Persian Pateh tapestry today, and let the enduring beauty and spirit of Kerman radiate through your home while contributing to a brighter future for these incredible artisans.

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