Persian Embroidery Tablecloth – Pateh Paisley Garden

Kerman province is directly on the border of Iran’s hottest desert, The Lut Desert ( Persian: دشت لوت ). Flowers don’t bloom. Birds are rare. The sun bleaches all colour away. To create their own Persian Garden, the women in Kerman developed the handicraft of Pateh ( Persian: پته ). Sewing each 3D-embroidered work takes a team of women months and years to complete. The final result is a small tapestry, used as a bedspread, some chairs or decorate coffee tables. Women today who sew Pateh, do it at home, watching television or while keeping an eye on the kids. “Pateh is like the friend of the family”, says one Kermani woman. Pateh observed so many circumstances and problems particular to the women of the households, perhaps that was why the main traditional colour is red. “The old women said you, Pateh, are red because of my blood. Their artwork narrates their lives.”

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