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Persian Filigree Teaware Collection – Sky Pattern

At the heart of Isfahan, where ancient pathways echo stories of artistry and culture, emerges a teaware set that’s more than just an accessory—it’s an experience. With Craftestan’s latest creation, we invite you to travel back in time, into the grandeur of Persian empires and the intricate art forms they cherished.

Crafted with meticulous detail, each keep cup stands at a poised height of 7 cm. As light dances on its silver-coated surface, the brilliance of Persian filigree work, known locally as Malileh Kari (Persian: ملیله کاری), is revealed. These cups are designed not only to hold your favourite brews but to become conversation starters, blending stories of ancient craft with contemporary elegance.

The candy bowl, with its dignified presence at 8 cm, showcases a width that marries functionality and design. With or without its handle, it exudes a gracefulness, reminiscent of tales from One Thousand and One Nights.

The centerpiece of this collection, the tea tray, stretches over dimensions of 37 x 38 cm, creating a canvas for the artisan’s craftsmanship. It’s not just a tray—it’s a testament to centuries of tradition and love for art.

This set, curated for six, is more than just a collection. It is a promise. A promise that with each pour, with each sip, you aren’t just serving tea—you’re serving history, art, and a legacy.

While this luxurious set may not come in a gift box, its true essence is in the narrative it brings to your gatherings. It beckons the curious, the art enthusiast, and the connoisseur. Each piece, while embedded in history, fits seamlessly into the modern setting, promising not just a teatime, but a timeless experience.

Elevate your gatherings, celebrate your moments, and immerse in the tales of old with Craftestan’s luxury filigree teaware. Here, every detail whispers a story waiting to be told.

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